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SavRaw is affordably connecting Los Angeles to the best local, healthy harvests.
We provide weekly deliveries of Local, Sustainable & Organic, Fruits and Veggies.
At locations for pick up or delivered to your door.

Here's a list of what we currently offer to subscribers ;) +$5. for home delivery.
Descriptions are approximate and subject to change.

Paradise Box - Tropical Fruit Grown Locally Small Box - 6 Veggies + 2lbs of Fruit
$33. par1 $22.50

Full Box - 7-9 Veggies + 2lbs of FruitFamily Box - 11-13 Veggies + 4lbs of Fruit
$28. full1 $38. fm1

Large Box - 14-16 Veggies 4lbs of FruitSmall Fruit Box - 5lbs of Certified Organic Fruit
$48. lrg$15. smlFruit

Juicer's Delight Box - 9 Juicing Veggies + 5lbs of FruitHeavy Fruit Box - 10lbs of Certified Organic Fruit
$35. Jui1$28. lrgfruit

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SavRaw is a small, family owned and operated business. Read the "Take Part" Article on Drought featuring one of our favorite farms. We have direct relationships with small family farms we love and trust.
This means, no warehouses, or supermarket EMF's zapping the food of taste and nutrition.
Specific items change weekly based on California's Seasons.

This thriving movement towards sustainable neighborhoods, is met with the finest local health conscious fruits and vegetables. Local Produce that's picked shortly before reaching your kitchen..


Our options for shipping in the U.S. outside of our delivery area in Los
Angeles include;
Raw Chocolate (Life Force Chocolate)
Tropical Fruit Box (paradise box)
Fruit Only Box
Passion Fruit Box (4lbs)
Dried Fruits and Nuts
Organic Raisins
Bee Pollen (5oz)