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Where's Your Food Coming From - Farm List

Organic Farms

Tutti Frutti Farm - Santa Rita, CA (Certified Organic)
Sage Mountain Farms - Tehachapi, CA (Certified Organic)
Koral's Tropical Fruit Farm - Vista, CA
The Garden Of - Los Olivos, CA (Certified Organic)
Santa Rita Farms, (certified organic)
Vital Zuman, Malibu (certified naturally grown)
Pedros Organic Ranch, Fallbrook (certified organic)
Ellwood Canyon Farms, Goleta, CA
JR Organics - Valley Center, CA (Certified Organic)
Etheridge Farms - Dinuba, CA (Certified Organic)

Sustainable Farms

3 and A Guy Farms - Fallbrook, CA
Tamai Family Farms - Oxnard, CA

We take great pride in these farms. These are the most outstanding farms we've found locally. Though many of them are certified Organic growers, we take great care in our selection of sustainable growers. some which we are helping to become certified through our continued business together. We source from these farms to create a specialty box of seasonal local fruits and vegetables. We deliver this to you through pick up locations or home or office delivery, which helps provide community awareness on local sustainabity and healthy dietary practices..