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Passion Fruit
Orange Box
Organic Levain Bread
Raw Honey
Shelled Almonds
Dried Figs

Let's Come Together
Towards Sustainability.
Think Globally by Growing
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This Weeks Local Harvest - List May Vary,

This list is for March 25th - 27th







Healthier Life is Higher Vibrational Food. (Items can change depending on availability)

SavRaw fosters Children learning Organic Gardening, Local Agriculture Awareness, not just at schools, but other places where fellow Local eaters gather. Know where your Fruits and Vegetables are coming from.

Please remember to bring a reusable bag, basket or box with you to pickup locations! Bring your box back to us each week! Home deliveries, you can also leave a cooler out if you like and we'll transfer your goods into it. Thanks